Security Labels

Void Pantograph Printing

Diversified Label Images can print with void pantograph printing to secure your scratch-offs, coupons and variable data labels. Void pantograph uses screen images to prevent unwanted duplication of your labels. When photocopied, a void pantograph image shows the word “void” to alert users of fraudulent duplication. DLI’s security printing can help ensure that your product or coupon is safe from unwanted duplication.


Tamper Evident Labels

Security-void-materialTamper evident labels are a great way to protect your product. They are easy to apply and create an extra level of security. One label style leaves behind a residue “void” pattern when it is removed. This type of label discourages unapproved relabeling of your product and clearly notifies you of misuse.

Another option prevents your products from being relabeled without your permission. Using permanent adhesive and special perforations around the edge of the label, these self-destructing labels tear upon removal from the product. A portion of the label will stay on the product to alert you of attempted removal.



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