Cooler ID Logos

Point Of Sale ProductsLogos are used to mark product space in the back of the coolers (also known as Back Tags)

Channel Tags

Channel tags are used in the front of the cooler to identify brands, package sizes and selling price.


DLI offers a wide variety of clips to display products and pricing from the glides:

Rail Strips

DLI offers a selection of Rail Strips:

  • Clip-Over style
    • Variety of sizes available
    • Colors: white, black or red
    • Types: hard plastic or flexible with clear tab in channel
  • Adhesive style (white only)
    • 24” & 48” available

Number / Letters / Descriptives

A variety of sizes from 1” for channel tags & clips to 18” for outdoor signage.


Quick Strips

Quick Strips are used in the channel for branding an entire shelf/glide (also known as Channel Strips.)

Border Tape

Border Tape has a removable adhesive and can be used to outline a space in the cooler or the entire cooler door.

Clings and Push/Pulls


Basewrap is used to wrap around the pallet of floor displays (also known as Basewrap Pallet Wrap.)

Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers are used to display brands, package sizes and selling price.

Danglers and Wobblers

Danglers hang from either a channeled rail or a channeled clip and are used for branding or special promotions (also known as Wobblers).


Neckers are labels that are designed to fit around a bottle neck and can be used for special promotions or as an IRC (instant redeemable coupon).


A number of other products are available:

  • Re-Set Bags
  • Cable Ties
  • 30” Poles for indoor signs
  • 10’ & 18” Extension Poles
  • Suction Cups

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